Financial and Tax Due Diligence

As most deals are inherently complex and many come with hidden risks, especially due to the inherent information disparity between buyers and vendors, stakeholders do not always get the Enterprise Value anticipated from their transactions. You can mitigate risks, bridge the information gap and maximise returns on deals by commissioning a financial due diligence.

NTS Myanmar Transaction Services Team is well-equipped to support your transaction needs by:

  • Identifying and addressing issues or “deal breakers” early on in the process
  • Assessing the sustainability of earnings, future cash flows and working capital
  • Assessing the existing financial obligations and commitments to uncover any hidden liabilities
  • Ascertaining compliance with financial reporting standards and ensuring proper reporting of financial accounts
  • Assessing the internal controls and governance
  • Uncovering and identifying the current and potential issues, problems, risks and liabilities posed by the transaction so that you revise the purchase consideration or seek appropriate warranties and indemnities through the Share Purchase Agreement
  • Adding credibility to your proposition to financial institutions when seeking to leverage your deal