IPO Advisory

A company normally develops from a sole-proprietorship or partnership to a private limited company as its operations grow. The natural step thereafter is to bring the company to a listing status to sustain a perpetual existence even after the founders retire. This ensures continuity in the business operations and management of the company.
Applying for an Initial Public Offering is a complicated process that requires intricate planning and preparation. Our team at NTS Myanmar is well-positioned to support in the areas of business advisory, financial management and taxation advisory leading to the final steps of the listing process. 
Examples of prominent SGX listed companies with operations or business interests in Myanmar include Yoma Strategic Holdings Limited, Interra Resources Limited and Singapore Myanmar Investco Limited.

Why List in Singapore:

Singapore, being economically robust and politically stable, is consistently ranked as one of the best cities for business investments. Given its status as an international listing hub, it allows companies access to an international marketplace, complete with state-of-art-technology to facilitate trading activities.

  • Access to international marketplace
  • Presence of large pool of fund managers, asset management professionals and stock analysts
  • More institutional investors compared to retail investors
  • Speedy and simple process relating to subsequent shares or securities issue
  • State-of-the-art-technology to facilitate trading activities
  • SGX upholds good corporate governance practices
  • Strength, stability and integrity of Singapore
  • Well-positioned for regional activities

We would then work with issue managers/sponsors, securities houses, lawyers and other relevant professionals to ensure your goals are achieved. Even upon achieving your IPO, we can continue to guide you in fulfilling your continual listing obligations and your business strategic growth.  

IPO Planning:

  • Perform financial diagnosis of the Group to identify areas of improvement or change in strategy
  • Evaluate the equity story and growth opportunities to interest investors
  • Evaluate corporate structures and financial reporting framework
  • Evaluate the adequacy of accounting and internal controls for compliance with accounting standards and corporate governance respectively
  • Assist in Pre-IPO funding
  • Identify potential problems and risk factors inherent in the business
  • Identify growth areas that may be good prospects for potential investor

IPO Execution:

  • Assist to build the equity story and prospectus documentation
  • Perform historical financial analysis and analysis of future financial projections
  • Due diligence on management and shareholders’ integrity
  • Advise on directors’ remuneration schemes and option plans
  • Pre-IPO funding
  • Valuation analysis

IPO Realisation:

  • Provide guidance on board and corporate governance policies
  • Assist in periodic financial reporting announcements and annual reports
  • Provide guidance on strategic and operational expansion plans where required